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Objet d´art for equality

Hidden, found, forgotten and removed from girls and women for thousands of years, the clitoris has been taboo in our collective conscience for far too long. We want to change that.

Each Clit Co piece is an objet d´art that is not only beautiful to look at and wear, but also a powerful emblem to promote sexual equality and pleasure for everyone. Designed in our Swedish atelier, we hope each piece can become beloved heirlooms passed down from generation to generation, united in a shared goal for equality.

Join the clit revolution!

Clit Co. LOVES Powher

Give Back, do good and have a love affair. The Clit is an objet d’art and an initiative to raise awareness and to promote sexual and gender equality across the globe. The marriage between The Clit and two of Powher pieces, mark our contribution to what we call The Clitoris Revolution. Come join us!

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